April Fishing Report

How’s the Fishing in April

Both reservoirs have been fishing quite well despite the weather. The wind did veer north and south slightly from its easterly direction with gusts up to 23 mph making it a difficult month for fishing.

Remember the old saying

When the wind is in the east,
‘Tis neither good for man nor beast;
When the wind is in the north,
The skillful fisher goes not forth;
When the wind is in the south,
It blows the bait in the fishes’ mouth;
When the wind is in the west,
Then ’tis at the very best.

Sorry Bob I had to do it.

One thing that may have helped Churnclough is its location on the SSW side of Pendle Hill, while Laneshaw is (and I know people will correct me) on the north side of a hill, so both Reservoirs may have had some protection from the worst of the wind.

 With sightings of Hawthorn flies sighted on the water at Laneshaw Bridge Small black flies did well towards the end of the month. If an angler has been fortunate to land a fish maybe write the name of the fly on the back of your returns form and we can let other anglers know. Or send an email with your name and a description on how it was caught preferably with an accompanying photo to me at If you have fished our river just E-mail me as above.

One last reminder. Could club members keep a look out for cormorants and inform a committee member, preferably with a photograph. These birds have to eat twice their bodyweight in fish a day and these fish are paid for by you. 

Tight Lines.

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