Corvid-19 UP DATE 21/05/2020

Corona virus Precautions

Anglers should arrive on their own unless they are travelling with someone they live with. 

You must bring your own hand sanitiser for use before and after opening locks and gates, touching catch returns or anything else in the shelter. 

Using your own pen to fill returns will further reduce risk, as will printing your own return forms at home and using those. Forms can be downloaded from the Club website or contact 

Avoid using your hands when opening the kissing gate at Laneshaw Reservoir. 

No more than one person in the shelter. 

Anglers must keep a minimum of 10M from anglers they do not live with at all times, unless on their own and meeting one person outside their household and keeping a minimum of 2M apart. 

No Guest or Day Tickets until further notice. 

Stay Safe 

The Committee 

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