June Fishing Report

Fishing in June

A good start to this month was helped by water levels in both reservoirs not fluctuating very much. The average catch rate was better than June last year and only improved as the days rolled on, with lots of fish caught and returned. A report of sixteen fish being returned by one member in a morning fishing session confirmed this.

Lots of top of the water action that carried on all month., with Emerger patterns taking Rainbows and Brown Trout as they fed in the surface layer and buzzer catching their fair share of fish when fished static on a floating line. All the fish seem to have been caught quite close to the bank. This is what happened at the clubs open day, with first time, novice and experienced anglers hooking fish as little as five or six feet from the bank. Cormorants have been sighted at Laneshaw reservoir with five counted early on one Sunday morning. Cormorants can and will eat twice their body weight in fish a day. These fish are paid for by you the member, so please report any you see including any Cormorant marked fish.

Colne Water, as all free stone streams, is dependent on rain fall run off. In latter years, it has all but dried up to a trickle at this time of year but so far its water level has been good and quiet consistent. A few nice wild Brownies have been returned by members but no reports of any Grayling by catches.

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