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Newsletter July 2018

News from the Chairman:   July 2018

Well I’m starting off the same as last month……“Give us some rain!” 

The water level at Laneshaw is very low indeed and to be fair to United Utilities they are pumping water into the reservoir (to pass through the treatment plant) but it is being drawn off at a faster rate.  Churnclough has fared better, although levels are down, and hopefully rain will come before more water is drawn off. 

As could have been predicted given the conditions, Churnclough fished better than Laneshaw in June with anglers averaging more than 4 fish per visit and 508 trout caught.  Hopefully this is continuing into July. If any of you would like to tell me what methods and flies are working best then please let me know and I will put it in next month’s news.

At Laneshaw early morning and late evening produce some sport with most fish being taken deep down on sinking lines.  One “bonus” of the low levels is that areas normally out of reach are now in casting range.

The open days held  at Laneshaw towards the end of June were once again a success.  New members joined on the spot and Saturday in particular saw everybody catch fish or at least experience one on the end of the line!  Sunday was more difficult under a hot sun and cloudless sky but all enjoyed the experience.  A thank you to the Committee and those members who turned up to help for making the days successful  and a special thanks to Geoff Busfield who has given two fishing outfits to the Club for use at future events.  

I am writing this towards the end of July and still no promise of significant rain in the forecast.  It will be “interesting” to see the July returns.  I haven’t fished this month (yet!) so if anyone knows how the fishing is doing then please let me know.  Daddy long legs should be appearing soon and this may well tempt the fish up especially in the evenings.  So here’s hoping!

Due to an administrative glitch the website was down for a few days earlier in the month but it is now up and running again. So, as usual, if you have anything to say please send stuff to me . In particular any photographs you may take and want to share on the website would be very much appreciated.

That’s all for now.

Paul West          

Chairman, Colne Water Angling Club

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