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Newsletter October 2018

News from the Chairman:   October 2018

As I said last month…what a contrast between our two main reservoirs!!  Laneshaw is now virtually full with UU continuing to pump water in, whereas Churnclough remains low.  In September, fewer anglers fished Churnclough but total returns for each were similar.  However, a large number of browns are being caught at Laneshaw and hopefully these will over-winter well and provide good sport next year.

This trend is continuing into October with brown trout making up the bulk of the catches at Laneshaw. Personally speaking I had a good 6 fish session last week but had to scale down to very small midges to get takes….and then succeeded in missing or losing most of them though still ended up with 6 fish!! Included were a couple of small  browns of around 8”, evidence that fish have bred in the past or have survived from a number of fry we introduced some years ago, as we certainly do not stock fish that size! These fish were in fin perfect excellent condition.

Please can you let us know if you catch any small trout that are obviously not stock fish.

It is pleasing to report that our membership has continued to rise and for those who have joined on a half year membership in what has been a challenging second half of the season then please bear with us as I can safely promise the fishing from March next year will be excellent.

A message for new and “old” members alike….please come to the Club’s AGM in February.  Details, including my full report for the year and the agenda, will be sent out in January.  However, if you have any motions to put to the meeting  or want to put something specific on the agenda, then please let me (or any Committee member) know.  Although there is the opportunity for general discussion at the meeting it is helpful for the Committee to know in advance what concerns or proposals you may have in order that we can put forward an informed response.  So, anything you feel should be addressed at the meeting….let us know!!

If any of you have ideas of what else we could do to promote the Club then tell us.  As ever my email is  . 

Finally, thank you to member Stuart Forshaw for sending in some photos taken at Churnclough.  Some are now posted on the website and have helped to keep it fresh, which I think is very important to do. 

That’s all for now.  See you at the AGM!

Paul West          

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